Tuesday, September 27, 2011



You may say I like to roam
to taste, and run, and shift from place to place
I love to live--you may say that
just do not call me quitter to my face

I love to learn a bright new trade
I love to enter rooms and shake your hand
But if you want relationship
go for the girls of the non-Quitter brand

For I will enter just to leave
and I will learn a thing to never do
I will grab a thing to put it down
and don't believe this won't apply to you

I'll put my shoulder to a plow
But what would happen if I were to heave?
Why, then I'd know the shortness of my come
That I was inadept--except to leave

So leave me be to quit and quit
To stop, to turn, abandon, to be free
Yes free, and free--oh, do not run--
Don't try to quit the quitting me