Tuesday, April 26, 2011

That's Ruth's Affair

A lady singing to her lover
Near a public park's last tree
"Lost my self and gained another,
so we --soulless both-- will be

Hanging here by ribbons, posies
poisoned here by sighs and sweets
We shall dance as if we're joyful
We'll hold hands on all these streets

You will kiss me like you trust me
I will hide my husband's ring
Go ahead and shut your eyes
So you can hear--not see--me sing

Was it idleness that brought us?
Was it some slow mind's disease?
It was born in my imaginings
In the thoughts designed to please

I didn't dream these rabbit trails
Would bring me to the flesh--the man
but body followed mind--as ever--
fancy walked before it ran

So let us linger here a while
I cannot bear to be alone
I cannot bear my baby's eyes
I cannot bear to go back home

I will not bear tomorrow either
when my husband calls me: ('Ruth!')
And your wide mouth is not around
to shield my vision from the truth"

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