Friday, February 10, 2012

Let Her Come

Let her come.

Let her sail with her braided laughter upheld,
with the corners of her shining mouth brandished,
with all the myriad glints in her eye arrayed
and every finger wave synchronized for attack as one chestnut mare precedes another--

let her come.

My lid does not blink and my hands do not tremble.
The law is on my side; so is love.

I know

Whatever this thing is
this horrible thing
that has happened,
the heart within this sagging chest is ready to absorb it.

I will absorb it as I did your seeds; good will come with my pain and effort,
like our children.

that's why I say I Know Love.
That is why when I see her,
I'll take her hand and tell her I am sorry
she's made a mistake.

So let her come, let her brandish the musical notes
that shimmer
off her shoulders--
she is only flesh, not goddess at all. Let her come,

for you are come home.

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