Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mutation Killed


...And so, sir, do you think
We can reinvent the life between us
Into a creature split
Between 'friends' and 'lovers'?

Do you think
Because i have shut down the dreams you had entertained
There is a strange half-life still available to them?
No! Don't be foolish.

Any mutated conjunction of two living things
Will be monstrous, grotesque.

And which have you heard of? legends, mythical!
The centaur, the unicorn, the gryphon

Were they found on this earth
They would be crippled beasts.

So can we play such a game?
Standing in the light three feet apart
And in the darkness at a hair's breadth?
Can we verbally affirm our congenial indifference
While using eyes
And hours
To speak volumes of lover's nonsense?

One must run forwards or backwards;
The feet do not stand still when one is dancing,
as we are.

There are only two roads open to us;
the two lie in different lands altogether, with different weathers,

We cannot pretend that it is possible to enjoy Asia and Europe
In the same moment

We cannot be merely friends and lovers simultaneous;
No one could.
A life will die, if so deformed.

It is yours to choose; you know my wish.

Kill the thing altogether, or call it 'friends'

And we must stand by its name.


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