Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Siege


It was a storming--yes, it was
The night you sent your soldiers in
A pair of lips--well trained and sure
And overeager for a win

They entered through the foremost gate
And plundered all they found alone
They sent the sentries--senses--reeling
Acted as a stepping stone

For scores of hands who then attacked
Who suddenly were everywhere
Around the rear, inside the head
Surrounding wrist, invading hair

I curse my tactics, in my sleep
And ask myself just how it fell
The queen, at least, escaped intact
But fall it did, you know it well

It's gone, the innocence before
A kingdom, world, and heaven, lost
The turrets, bridges, sag, decay
They did the moment they were crossed

Yes, it was a storming, love
(If I so call my enemy)
But two commanders did the deed
The first was you... the second, me


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